Sunday, November 1, 2009

Birthday Sesh

Scored another great day on Assateague. Wind was marginal 5.8, only planed up on the wave face, and had an absolute blast. The waves were pretty sloppy, mostly one hit wonders. But the occasional clean one would come thru allowing for 2 turns.

I hit the water around 11am, which was just about lo tide. No shorebreak, and no current. Also hardly any wind due to the temperature differential between the water and the air, mid 70s for late October! Sailed for about 5 hours, water is still quite warm.

I love this sequence, I caught this wave just right, and it felt soooooo good.


Note, this is one of my favorite pics from the day. It coincidently is photo 1111 hehehe

Of course it closed out, but still came away hooting and hollering

I don’t think the waves ever reached 5-6 foot, mostly waist to shoulder high. Period was quite short, and I gotta a lot of practice going over short period walls of white water. Love it! Training for those big days that are right around the corner

sloppy waves

but still fun to play in the white water

New Nikon 300mm lens! No more camera envy

Gimme a puff!

Ken, look, its a fin! I saw this pic and thought of you. Couldn't resist ;)

Fun sequence of setting up to

to go front side and..

come around

to go...


so smooth and effortless when you link the turns together correctly.


slow it down

almost there

sloppy waves but fun

they had some kick to em as well

I was out of position on this one

and it...

swept me off my feet

This one?

They where mostly closeouts

Mostly closeouts, but still fun!

Setting up

Keep it together now...

don't give me any lip cuz i'm in the wrong spot

Longer harness lines are the way to go. I've switched to 26 inch. Much better for wavesailing

Wild Ponies of Assateague island



Andy said...

Happy BDay George, looks like you had a fun day!

Ken K said...

You got me, I had to enlarge that fin photo before I knew what it was.

Looks like water and air temps have to be taken into consideration when the air is warmer than the water. The wind was really rocking inland.

Waterturtle said...

Happy Birthday George!

Bill said...

Just got back to the obx after a weekend out of town. Checking the blog rounds and looks like a great weekend score! Congrats and Happy B Day! Cool flag!

George Markopoulos said...

Thanks everyone, most especially my wonderful wife.

It was a great day. Forecast was for 15knots, and 5-6 foot faces.

The wave height didn't materialize, and the wind was gusty-decoupling is a major issue this time of year. But you know what, theres no place i'd rather have been- Light wind wavesailing rocks!