Sunday, November 22, 2009

Faith, Wind, Water, Waves

Well, the Dallas Cowboys played the skins today, and I broke with tradition. Last year, I can’t tell you how many times I blew off wind for football. Every single time, they let me down. This year I made a vow that if it was blowin, I was goin. Well, I made the right call sunday, and scored a great day of wavesailing Assateague, and the Cowboys scored just enough points to win. Course, when you’re playing the lowly skins, you don’t need many points to win. Lol!
Blessed with another solid day at Assateague. Powered 5.0 on the RRD.

After church today at The Lewes Church Of Christ, we cruised drove down route 1, hugging the coast the entire way. Beauitful scenery, the dunes are still there, white caps on the ocean, music blasting (Third Day), stoked!

Surprising shorebreak actually, but no problems getting out.

First run out, powered 5.0


Ocean water is still very warm, didn't wear gloves

first going back side on....

...some sloppy waves

but fun

Surprising amount a of current today, so I switched fins, and that proved to be the difference.

Burned up wind much better with this blade

Side on is a tough direction for wavesailing

Big wind in the extended forecast. Thanksgiving is always windy.



kristin said...

hey dady i love you so much cant wait till thanksgiving we gonna eat goooooooood hahaha YUMMY


Anonymous said...

Death to the Cowboys.