Saturday, March 29, 2008


Sailed 5.8 today at tower road. It was a gusty wind that shifted between N, NE, and NW. Sailed from about 9am till lunch time. Nothing special about the sesh, other than for the fact that I tried my first body drag, with predictable results. Was still fun, and I didn't eat it like i feared i might. Then again, I wasn't fully powered when I stepped off the board. Stuggled w/the heli-tacks today, but I attribute the difficulty though to the shifty wind. Helitacks, or any tack for that matter, are most successful when you carve way thru the eye of the wind. I found it tough to do that today because the wind was constantly shifting to greater degree more than than usual.

Wore the helmet cam today. Here is a short video.

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