Sunday, March 16, 2008

Sunday 3/16/08

Forecasted conditions didn't materialize today. I checked the readings first thing in the mornning, and there was nothing happening in either Assateague, or further North for the matter. I choose to knockout a few projects around the house in the am. Hatteras blew all day, and around noon, the Chesapeake began to blow, so after lunch, i drove down to Tower road and rigged my 5.8 for wind that hadn't arrrived yet. Worked on my heli-tacks. Got those improved to maybe a 30% success rate. More importantly though, I've gotten them to a point where i can end up in a pretty decent water start position, meaning I can begin to use it as a tactical move. I'm super stoked about that. I made signicficant progress with a new move, so i consider this a great weekend. Around 3ish, the front came thru and i was pretty well powered w/the 5.8 so that fun too. By the time i unrigged, the sun had come out, and the wind filled in nicely, I'd say to about 5.0 conditions. No complaints. Life is good.

I sailed till about 4.30pm today, and I shot some video which came out very dark on account of the overcast cast conditions.

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