Saturday, March 8, 2008

Assateague 3/8/08

Today, Ken Kellar and I sailed Assateague (federal park). The wind was rockin, blowing in the high 20's, with gusts in the upper 30. We arrived late-about 3.15pm. I rigged 4.5 and Ken a 4.4. I chose my smallest board, a JP 77 ltr fsw, and Ken his 83 ltr wave board. The waves had some size, but the current was off the charts. When you went down on the inside, you where instantly looking at a minimum 100 yard walk. Ken went down once on the outside, and in less than a minute, was a 1/4 mile downwind. Yeah, we both had a few "walks". Not easy to do carrying kit into a 30 knot headwind. Never the less, we had a blast, and where stoked to make it out a few times. The swell on the outside was pretty big, but I found it difficult to set up for down the line rides. I never did get entirely comfortable out there...that pesky current again. Water temps where pretty warm. No gloves. I wore my dry again, Ken his 5/4 wetsuit. I never got cold, and spring is officially here.

All of that being said, Assateague to me still seems to be the best spot in Maryland for pure wavesailing. The beach slopes gently enough so that you get an outside break. Up north , in deleware, its all risk and no sand bar (thank you beach replenishment program) and only shorebreak. We're working on exploring Indian River Inlet, which has a long getty that may help with the current.

Tomorrow looks to conintue w/Gale force winds. I'm loving it. Live2sail.

The video isn't much, but a few shots do give a pretty interesting perspective of going over white water. I did a mast mount above the boom.

Ken Kellar

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The Watch said...

Nice Assateague video. It shows the work it can take to get out. The footprints in the sand are a nice touch.