Wednesday, March 5, 2008

3/4/08 Warm south Windy day!

Yesterday, James Roe and I had a great day at Tower road. I was lit on my 5.0. Nice floaty port jumps all day long. No gloves or hat where needed as temps I believe broke 70 degrees. Could of worn my wetsuit, but regrettably choose to wear the dry. May be time to shelve that suit! Assateague may have been epic, but decoupling concerns over the colder ocean temps were a risk i wasn't willing to take. All in all, its been a great couple of days of sailing in just this past week, and Saturday is looking promising too. Secret Spot anyone? Spring is definately here.

I have 56 minutes of video to edit, and I hope to have the posted w/in the next day or so.

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