Sunday, March 9, 2008

Tower road 3/9/08

The forecasted conditions held true, including the "low water warning". Thought the windows where gonna blow out last night. The beach house was rockin. Felt like i was in Hatteras. Laid in bed reading and watched the fan swaying. I needn't have been concerned w/an overnight blowout, the winds held all day. Ken and i sailed the 4.5 conditions at Tower road.

I wore the helmet cam today. The go pro can be maddeningly frustrating. Our first session, Ken and I were completely dialed, and i sailed behind him for about an hour, filming (so i thought) as Ken hit jump after jump, only to find after we stopped to take a break, that the frkg camera had turned off. Very frustrating. I think the batteries had issues with the cold temps. Quite a contrast from yesterday when we were sailing w/o gloves. This morning there was ice in the drive way, and when we first launched, the temps may not have been over 40 degrees. That being said, the sun made it entirely do-oable, and we had a fun day in the "baby pool". Floaty port jumps for me. I'm still working out the kinks with my starboard jumps in onshore conditions. Sailed from about 10am to about 2.30. Great weekend of sailing on the Delmarva and end of a 9 day stretch in which I sailed 5 days on 5.0 or smaller , one of which was an ocean session.

Heres the video:

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