Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Epic Hatteras Dawn Patrol Sesh

Just wrapped up a sweeeet dawn patrol sesh southside!

Here is the wind graph from Frisco Pier. It must read a bit low, because most of us where on low 4 meter sails, and in fact Stuart rigged down to 3.7.

We where on the beach and rigged by 8am.

Lit 4.0 conditions and small boards. Sailors present were Andy Mcckiney, Stuart Proctor, and Ken Kellar.

Some of the waves where well overhead, and the rides were long. This was a nice ride by Stuart

Andy Mckinney

I had a ton of fun, and got dialed enough to toss a forward. I didn't sail away but I'm getting closer. I'm becoming more aware of things as I'm going thru the rotation. Basically I need to pull harder with the back hand.

Took a bunch of pics so check back later for those. I'm blogging with my iphone, coming to you directly from the closet shop to the Canadian Hole, Sailworld. We're mulling over the venue for our evening sesh. Will it be another wavesailing sesh southside, or 3.6 insanity at the Hole? Check back later for the pics and the report from the evening sesh..


The east facing beachs where battered by the full brunt of the NE winds.

We were all pretty tired. Heck, we've been going 150 miles per hour since last Wedsenday! So after giving it some thought, Bill decided to stay up north and catch a session in Nagshead, so we decided to take break from wavesailing, and sailed the Canadian Hole.

3.6 conditions!

Stacked and Packed!

Andy again

The Hole didn't do much for me today. I dunno, 6-7 straight days of wave sailing has a way of killing any enjoyment I get outta flatwater sailing. Never the less, we blasted back and forth on tiny sails, and I worked on my transitions. Actually, they needed the work cuz they stunk tonight! Oh well, can't always have it your way. Shot some helmet cam video at the Hole, so check back later for that.

Tomorrows' another day, and that means more wind here on Hatteras. A nor'easter is spinning off the coast.

We'll be having huge surf, and super high winds approaching 50! Should be pretty insane!


Catapulting Aaron said...

sick! I'm willing to bet Andy was on his 4.2 despite it being 3.x conditions...

Andy said...

Only girly men rig smaller than 4.2