Sunday, September 21, 2008

Hatteras Southside Wave Sailing

Beautiful Hatteras

Two sessions today. First one was a wavefest freeform session at 8.30am. The venue, was once again southside, below Hatteras Village. I sailed a 5.6 for the first sesh, then 5.0 for the second later in the day around 5pm.

This is where we're staying. The "Sea Lure" is in Avon.

Rigging up for the first sesh:

Nice huh?! Had some REEEEALY long rides this morning, but the waves really didn't have much punch to em. Now the evening sesh was different!

Ken setting up for a nice one (photo lifted from Andy's blog, photo taken by Anne)

Here i am going down the line on a nice one!

Saw lots of canonball jellyfish, flying fish, and Ken saw a porpoise.

Post sesh reflections:

Ken and Bill

Then over to check out the conditions at the light house. Something was burning the and the wind blew the smoke right toward the lighthouse.

The East Coast Surfing Championships was happening. Was quite the spectacle:

Bleachers, sponser tent, blaring music. Pretty impressive

Waves where well overhead

My next camera

Evening sesh was fun too. Present to share the fun where Andy, Keith, and Ken. Waves had a LOT more power, and the hits where pretty impressive. Man wavesailing is so much fun! Once your on a wave face, you have the power to go where ever you want. I'm so close to getting some wave aerial off the lips. I can feel it................

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The Logisitician said...

Nice work. I tried to windsurf at Club Meds in Mexico a few times, but never managed to get the hang of it. Your photos are great. Must be a rush!

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