Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Hatteras Bound!

Its time for Wave Fest! Ken and I are headed sown to Hatteras tomorrow night, so check back here for daily reports!

Hatteras Wave Fest 2008 is the latest installment to the Hatteras Windsurfing Festival Series and is scheduled September 15-29, 2008. The three part event will include a Wave Clinic, FreeForm wavesailing sessions, and a competitive Wave Challenge. All windsurfers are invited, and those interested in becoming familiar with wavesailing are encouraged to attend!

The FreeForm wavesailing sessions will be informal gatherings hosted by the local participating wave crew. Depending upon conditions, beginners, intermediates, advanced, and expert wave sailors are invited to join for friendly camaraderie in the surf. Wave etiquette and down-the-line (DTL) wavesailing techniques will be showcased along with proper navigation of shorebreak and whitewater. Often the best way to learn is by sailing with seasoned wave sailors.

The Wave Clinic will be hosted by a local participating windsurfing shop and feature professional instruction, techniques, and tips for beginning wavesailors. The clinic will also function as an informal meet and greet for the Hatteras Wave Fest, and feature sponsorship prize raffling along with food and beverage served up by the host.

The Wave Challenge is the competitive event of the festival. The Wave Challenge will feature multiple divisions for registered participants to compete within their associated skill level. Within each division, the format will run multiple qualifying and wildcard heats. The "Beast of the East Wave Face-Off" will be the highlight of the competition featuring professional/expert level wavesailing competition. Sponsorship prizes and trophies will be awarded to the top performers in all divisions. An Awards Wrap Up party will follow showcasing video action from the event as well.

We have an amazing forecast on tap for the end of this week! There is still time, so if you're interested in participating, I highly recommend that you click here to register, and come on down anytime between now and the 29th for the fun!

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