Monday, September 22, 2008

Hatteras Wavefest Is Firing!

Today was supposed to be a light wind day, with it filling in by late afternoon. They called it just right.

So around 3.30, Ken and I drove down to the southside for a late afternoon sesh of wavesailing. I rigged my 5.6 Simmer. I was way powered up. The waves where peeling, and they packed a pretty good punch. We had a blast.
I'm learning so much down here. The conditions have been fabulous! We've wave sailed every single day. Today, I was able to catch a wave each time I approached the beach. Some where 5-6 turn waves. If a break was peeling upwind, two tacks later, we where on it. We've scorded BIG TIME. Unreal.

As we began the sesh, the light wasn't all that good, and it was getting difficult to read the water. Then, toward the end of the sesh, the clouds parted, the sun beamed thru, the colors thru my sail were breathtaking. It was a magical moment (I actually used the term spiritual). It was pretty special. Wish my wife was there to experience it. I'm missing her pretty bad right about now.

The wind is gonna get stronger. Gale warnings have been posted for the next several days. The sailing is just gonna be insane!! The unique thing about Hatteras though is that the island is shaped like a boomerang, so you can often find a beach where the wind is side off, and the shorebreak is reasonable, so I'm optimistic that we'll be able to find some wavesailing somewhere.

Andy came out and showed us how its done.

My kit

Another spectacular Hatteras sunset

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