Saturday, September 20, 2008

Reef Run & South Side (Hatteras Village) Wavesailing Session

Another windy day on Hatteras Island. I sailed my 5.0 today, totally lit.

The first session was a reef run. The reef is about 3-6 miles off shore (depending on where you launch from) in Pamlico Sound. The conditions can be very ocean like out there on the right direction. Today wasn't the ideal set up, but still tons of fun!

I was able to drive myu van on the sand all the up to the water. This is the first turnout, just north of Avon. The closest access to the reef.

Had fun out at the reef. Weston went out there for the first time. I saw you out there ripping, getting jumps. Good job pal! Lets hook up soon for a session back home.

Andy, Anne and Bill also showed up out there, and then the rotations began. Motivated by their skill, I tossed an excellent forward out there today. Man! I am so stoked about that. The rotation felt really clean and I went all the way round. I come up, and Andy is sailing toward me just grinning, hooting an hollering... Man it was so soft, non violent, and so much fun! I gotta tell ya, looping is so easy.

Andy McKinney

Anne & Andy

Now we're southside ready for some sweeeet wavesailing!

Bill headin out

Man, I had the best, longest wave rides of my life today. Just ripping down the line, bottom turns and cutbacks, smack the lip, redirect down the face. Awesome stuff. I've achieved so many goals already.

I'm getting more aggressive, staying up higher on the wave, hitting the pitching lip, and figuring it all out. Couldn't be doing it though without the help of all my friends down here. Thanks guys

Packin up to head to the wave sailing clinic at Sailworld.

Thanks Andy for a most excellent wavesailing clinic. Can wait to wake up tomorrow and go try some of the techniques you taught us.

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