Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Assateague Was Windy, But Sloppy Waves

Solid power today on Azz, lit 5.3, but the waves where disappointing, especially considering the forecast for building seas to 5-7 foot with lo tide at 2.30pm
It seemed that it was all lining up, but the promising swell never materialized, mostly one hit wonders.  

Ahhhhhh love it.

Oh well, not complaints, and had a blast with a few multiple turn waves toward the end of the sesh that just left me glowing.

A nod to my friend James McDaniel who hung out for the day and got to see a little slice of my world.


Ken K said...

It looked pretty fun out there.

Wish I could've joined you.

Jake said...

dude where was i
work = lame

George Markopoulos said...

Ken, would have loved to have ya.
Jake, there's always next time