Saturday, April 16, 2011

Epic Slaughter Beach!!

Slaughter Beach fired today like I've never experienced. Hands down best ever. Lit 4.2- 4.7 conditions with the 76 ltr Wave Thruster ltd. The character of the outter bar was so nice, with plenty of spacing in between very well formed ramps. Twas very Hatteras-Reef like, except that the sand bar at Slaughter its only a half mile out, as opposed to about 4 miles down in Avon. Awwwwwww gonna be a tough time sleeping tonight. Still amped! :)

Tony, this is what you're talking about? 
and Delmarva Standup Paddle 
Fueling the Windsurfing and Standup Paddle Stoke 
 Nice Ken!
 too many jumps today!
 Inbound Port ramps
 reef was firing

 Nice inbound pop

 splash down

Love this shot 

I love this shot. The graphics on the wave vogue are pretty cool eh? 

 Nice jump Ken
Janis just takes to many photos...dont she? 

still trying to get my groove on 
Ken showing me how its done 
 my turn
 now together! lol

Throwin some spray 

Ken went for several forwards today, which convicted me for not going for any
Gettin back in the groove here in Delaware 

Tweaked, uhm......
Lmao! so much fun!


Dupont Nature center in the back ground 

Ken was working on his freestyle during this last sesh 

Big air 
touch down 
Time to pack it up jack it up 
Love Slaughter Beach 


Ken K said...

Great stuff: no current, planing off the beach, flat inside for transitions, nice steep breakers for jumps, and fun swell on the outside. No rideable surf other than a little backside action but other than that, awesome!

PeconicPuffin said...

I know what you mean by too many jumps...I've got a sore knee myself from a session up north. Great day!

Is that a helitack I'm seeing with the backwinded sail shots, or the finishing of an early tack? In any event it's impressive on a seventyish liter board!

George Markopoulos said...

Puf-thats a standard tack