Friday, April 15, 2011

Lewes Fires NE

So yeah, its tax day, but I filed our returns months ago, and it was blowing, hard NE.
I pulled into Lewes to find James wrapping up his sesh. Report was solid 4.5 conditions out of the NE, which was a nice change up after seemingly 6 mths straight of NW.
I wasted no time rigging my 90 wave twin ltd...
ready to rock and roll
and a 4.7 vogue  
RRD sails-love my gear 

Man lemme tell you my kit was dialed today. Even though my board is set up for waveriding, I was able to blast upwind all the way to the east end of the main beach from the secret spot in just 5 tacks 
Big forecast for tomorrow, I'm talking BIG, as in 8-10 foot


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