Monday, April 11, 2011

Great Sunset Sesh On Assateague Island

After all the errands yesterday, we finally pulled onto the beach around 4.15 (two hours past high tide). Not really breaking waves (yet) but lots of white foam in the lounge told me it had size earlier, and I could tell that as lo tide approached, it would be good. But lo tide was 5 hours away, and the wind was lite, <15. So we hung out till around 4.45, then left. By the time we were 10 miles up route 113, I checked the readings, and it was blowing 21-gusts to 26. So we turn around for a sunset sesh. Pulled back onto the beach around 6pm, and the waves where stating to break! Rigged 5.8, 90 ltr twin, and planed right off the beach. Sailed till around 7.45. some nice clean faces, and a few 3-4 turn waves, left me bouncing of the walls all night. Ahhh. So nice.

I think blowing sand is the international call signal to rig up, Love this shot
Sailed the 5.8 RRD Superstyle with my 90 ltr Twin ltd. Some fun waves started rolling thru
 shot of the day-in the sweet spot
 first sesh of the year without the 5/4 booties. took me one run to get the straps dialed.
 show time
Sailed for about 2 hours, then one final down winder back to the bath house to unrig
 I love this place

 and epic sunset to match this great sesh! Only in Assateague


cnckeith said...

.looked like a fun sesh you caught.. nice photo of the dune and the sailing shots are nice as well. looks like it had some size to it.

George Markopoulos said...

yeah Keith, very nice sesh.
saturday looks solid too! 7-9 foot and 20-30SE. can you say "Huge aireals!"