Friday, September 12, 2008

Road Surfin

Today I did a fair bit of road surfin. The forecast was calling for a small craft advisory, so I thought I'd give North Beach a shot. When I got there, it was blowing hard enough to be sailable, but there was a lot of south it. I was at the wrong spot.

Mayo Beach works great on a south wind. I looked at my watch and it was only 1pm, so drove on over to Mayo, about a 30 mile drive.

When I got there, there appeared to be a noticeable wind line, with white caps beckoning. The kiters where up, but they weren't exactly ripping, so it was very much on the border.

Small world sometimes. Today I met Wave fest participant Weston Van Wambeke. He scored a pretty decent sesh. He worked his way out to the wind, and blasted out to Thomas Point Lite. Me, I took too long to get out there and couldn't even get a water start.

Richard, great to meet you too. Thanks for the low--down on how the spot (Mayo) works.

Gary, you're one one of the few kiters I know that still windsurfs. Looking forward to sailing with you the next time your kite is grounded!

See you at Wave Fest Next week Weston!

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