Saturday, August 16, 2008

A New Spot!

So what do I do on beautifull windless day? Go exploring our national parks, and discover a fantastic new spot to sail. My friend Steve suggested North Point. The spot is about 28 miles from our Maryland house, which is equal distant to Sandy Point. But North Point works better when there is more east in it. So I'm looking forward to that next windy day!

Baltimore's Key Bridge spanning the Patapsco

Path leading down to the beach where small craft launch from. This is approx an east facing beach. Spot apparently works best on a NE or ENE, and also S and SE:

Cool fountain. This park was established back in 1906, and has a lot of rich history:

This was one skittish grasshopper

Cool tree:

Not sure which light house this is, but its directly out/across from the main beach

Lots of cool pathes to explore:

This is a spit of land juts out about 150 yards off of the right side of the main beach, which is visible off to the right. Will serve as a great vantage point from which to take photos!

To give a sense of where this spot is located, the Bay Brige is within view due south

On a side note, Fay is shaping up. Do I hear road trip wedensday nite?:

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