Friday, August 22, 2008

Never Let Go Of Your Gear

You're told to never let go of your equipment. At a minimum, it saves you from a long swim which saps your energy. Also, floating gear is a hazard to other sailors, as well as the probability of it getting smashed into a sandbar increases when you're not holding on and able to at least resist the currents desire to take it where it shouldn't go.

These shots from the Old Lifeguard Beach session in Hatteras during Loopfest:

Well, sometimes there just no way around going for a swim! Nice Bill!

You especially don't want to let go of the boom while tossing forwards. Ken Kellar during the Main Event
Sprecklesville, Maui Feb '08

Assateague May'08


KK said...

Looping attempts became so much more fun once I started actually jumping out of the water! It still hurts but I can see the light at the end...
Although I want you to be the check writer I hope as we drive home from the Wavefest that we both have at least one successful sail away in our past. Mine first of course!

George Markopoulos said...

dream on Kellar