Friday, August 8, 2008

Camping in Hatteras

Next weekend we're going back down to Hatteras for 4 days. We're staying at a camp site, and I'm sure we're gonna learn alot. So last weekend I wanted make a dry run setting up my tent. Better to work out the wrinkles before.

Here is the result of the first time I assembled a tent. Took me about 30 mintues......The leach looks a little loose, needs a bit less downhaul..

Hopefully the next time i can improve on the assembly time.

I hope this thing doesn't fall apart in the middle of the night. I'll take another dry run and set it up this weekend. Still need a few more things from the camping store. Mainly a grill to cook with. I suppose we should also bring a fold up table and some chairs. Any other experienced campers out there with some advice for a first timer? Comments would be appreciated.

This weekend's forecast has some promise for Assateague. If it happens, I'm all over it.


Bill said...

Well....hopefully there is some wind during the nights you are camping?! I would recommend picking a campsite which has some clean exposure to wind. It is quite hot and muggy down here in the evenings, and unless you have some wind circulating though the tent, you may be sleeping in the van with the AC cranking!

Also be sure to bring bug spray, and again wind is key. The mosquitoes can be horrendous especially just after sunset and in the early mornings this time of year. NE wind is the best to keep them at bay if you are camping near the ocean.

Don't forget a flashlight!

Actually, which campground have you picked for your stay? I would recommend one that has as much wind exposure as possible. Just bring some heavy items to weigh the tent down if it is windy. Fingers crossed!

George Markopoulos said...

Bill-we're staying at the Sands Of Time.

Catapulting Aaron said...


The only suggestion I have for you camping in the OBX is... while waterfront space, in theory, sounds great... if you get a windy night, the tent can make so much noise that it's hard to sleep!

I've tent camped Frisco woods and that was the only drawback.

Bring lots of bug spray!


Smeeky said...

AS someone who has camped at Hatteras for over 20 yrs the number one thing you will need to have is shade for the campsite. You need to be able to get out of the sun. Like the others have said a breeze at night is great but the campground location is not going to allow much of breeze. While I've never stayed at Sands of Time I understand that it is more an RV campground with a few sites for tents (I like roughing it more at the NPS campground like in Frisco). Since it is geared for RV's you might have access to electricity so maybe a small fan. Bugs aren't really to much of a problem on Hatteras island, Dare county sprays in the villages. It is a different story on Ocracoke. Enjoy.