Thursday, August 7, 2008

New Coverage Of The Hatteras Loop Fest In The Locale Gazatte

One of my favorite movies is Tombstone. Great acting and a ton of one liners. One of my favorites scenes is the one between Johnny Ringo and Doc Holiday, where the former is trying to get under the skin of the later and instigate a confrontation. Well Holiday doesn't bite, and only responds with witty repartee:

Johnny: And you must be Doc Holiday.
Doc: That's the rumor.
Johnny: What about you, are you retired?
Doc: Not me. I'm in my prime.

Frankly, that's how I feel these days about windsurfing. Some say windsurfing best years were back in the 90s. Well, personally for me, windsurfing is in its prime. Click here for more coverage of the Hatteras Loop Fest in today's Gazette newspaper.

I've never been more fired up about getting back on the water. I check the forecast a dozen times each day. So what if the forecast isn't calling for much this weekend, I'll work on freestyle, which translates over to better skills when I get back into the waves.

As long as you keep pushing yourself, you'll never get into a rut, never lose that passion to get back out on the water. I love it all. From 25 knots and huge surf, or sub-planing conditions, to my 3.7 and my skate board on the blacktop, there is just something special about harnessing the wind in your sail.

See you in straps soon....

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