Monday, August 25, 2008

Mayo Beach, Maryland

Cruised on down to Mayo Sunday afternoon.

I've heard this is a great spot on a South. With no obstructions, you get clean wind

Absolutely beautiful venue:

Fabulous landscape:

Mayo Beach is where the South River feeds into the Chesapeake. I'm told you get very nice looplicious rolling swell here. Cant wait to sail this spot!

Maryland Crabs:

Line em up:

Grassy rigging area with picnic tables.
Great spot for SUP:

You need an annual pass to use Mayo, but after scoping the spot, it appears well worth it!

I suspect boat traffic will be less on the windy days. Thomas Point off in the distance:

Haven't been on the water for two weeks now, and I'm not happy about that. Fortunately, next week is Septemeber, and here comes the Hatteras Wave Fest!
Looking forward...


Anonymous said...

Looks like a couple kiters were able to get going. Time to get one.

Anonymous said...
nice... hay! make it to the wave comp in Hatteras

George Markopoulos said...
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George Markopoulos said...

Thanks for your comments. While it certainly was the better day for kiting cuz of the light winds, it actually did fill by late in the afternoon, and I could of made it work with a 6.0 if I’d of had my gear with me. However, this was only a recon trip and plus, my van is in Delaware during the off season (that will change as we seque in the fall season!). Next time it blows, I’ll be prepared to sail.

Time to buy a kite? Uhmm, no thanks. I respect your passion for your sport, and I’d expect the same in return. I eat, sleep, and think windsurfing 24/7 and I have no desire to change. Period, end of story.

See you at Mayo on the next southerly. Come out and introduce yourself. Lifes too short to remain anonymous.

Outdrsmn said...

I know how you feel about not getting out in a while. Saturday was the first TOW since Aug 2nd.

I wish I could get some decent wind down here to work on my waterstarts. I'd love to participate in the Wave Fest but I think it's unwise to venture into the ocean waves without having that skill wired.

Anonymous said...

I thought I put my name on the post-sorry. I usually do unless it's a rant (just kidding).


Ex-windsurfer. Full time kiter.
I'd never suggest you quit anything. I'm just suggesting that you can do both. (:
It's all about having fun.

George Markopoulos said...

No worries. Its all good