Sunday, August 31, 2008

New Go Pro Hero 3 Mount Ready

Last fall, the Zamboni destroyed another boom during a sesh at Broadkill. I was quick to pounce. "Hey Bob, whatcha gonna do with the broken boom head?" Long story short, he was kind enough to let me have it. One man's junk is anothers treasure right? So I've had this boom clamp for almost a year now, and today I finally dialed my new Go-Pro Hero 3 "clew-view" mount.

I worked out the kinks on my skate-sailing boom. View from behind:

I tightened the clamp right over the pin locks on my boom. It fits pretty snug, and while a solid wipe out will tweak the POV angle, I'm reasonably confident it wont fall off and will only require a subtle adjustment to re-align the camera angle.

Up until the "Clew-View" mount, I was somewhat limited with the angle I wanted to film. Both the helmet cam and the mast mount are excellent, but your pretty much fixed in terms of what your gonna beable to shoot for the entire sesh.

Cool thing about the clew-view is that it has more versatility. I cinch up the Go-Pro velcro strap over some plastic insulation material. So it fits tight (that insulation also deadens the background noise), but I can still twirl the camera to face backwards or sideways for that matter! Its easily within reach of the backhand, and I can change the POV on the fly while blasting with my firends. Ken if your on the next wave behind, I can just twist it to face back!
Front length view: All I need now is some duct tape to wrap around the end of the sawed off carbon boom arm so the gro-pro doesn't slide up and off.

Cant wait to try it out!


Lano said...

Love it, I will be customing an old boom to do the same. This would also work on top of the mast, or on the mast base, with a bit of fine tuning......

Ken K said...

I'm looking forward to the results. It seems the results are never quite what you'd imagine them to be. I'd think it would be great for forwards (good images of you impacting!) and as you wrote, looking back down a wave as you ride it should be more interesting than the unbroken shoulder which is all you get looking forward.

Good luck! Hopefully I'll be there when you first get it out on the ocean. Wave Fest in two weeks!! Ohhh Yah!

Anonymous said...

George, can you email me. Somehow I lost your email address and want to check in with you about sailing in Hanna.