Sunday, August 3, 2008

Its All Good On The Delmarva!

Today I sailed the park in Assateague that is on the left just before you get to the bridge going into Assateague. I don't think the wind got above 10 knots, but I've said it before: Any day of sailing is a great day of sailing, even if you didn't plane.

Beautiful grass rigging area reminded me of Kanaha. Not often I get to rig on grass.


I didn't plane all day, didn't even wear a harness (keeps the calluses going!), and had a blast! sun was beamin, water was super warm, and I worked on my transitions. Hugely successful today with the heli-tacks. Andy really gave me the breakthrough tip, which is to stand more upright as you come into the wind, and not rely so much on the sail to hold you up via back winding. That, and quick footwork during the sail flip is the key. Today, I was better than 50%, and toward the end almost 100%. So stoked about that!

Ran into Steve Sabia today, and got to know him. It turns out that we have a lot in common. A very experienced and responsible kiter with a heart for promoting safety and understaning for all board sports. Love to see that.

He taught me a little about kites today, specifically the do's and don'ts of helping in a distressed kiting situation. More on that later in a follow up post.

Very nice to get to know you today Steve, and looking forward to seeing you again, on a windy beach!

Time to pack it up:

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