Monday, August 18, 2008

Yeah, I'm Talkin Smack

This is a bi-lateral contest between my antagonist and I to see who "sails away clean" first.

We agreed to these terms back on 10/10/06. Yah, its taken a while to reach this point, but the end is near! I'm very close to sailing away from a forward loop. Another day of solid conditions is all I need.

I'm gonna attach my opponents canceled check to this scrap book page, after I cash it.

My oppoents name has been erased from the above photo so as to conceal his indentity, although most of my friends know who he is.

So there it is. Yah, I'm talking smack.

Here is a sequence of me looping off of Old Life Guard Beach, Cape Hatteras:

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Lano said...

Yay, another windsurfing blog! Thanks for your comments on my blog George, looks like you are nailing those forwards, I am still learning to looking forward to this summer here in South Australia.