Friday, September 4, 2009

Assateague is Starting To Fire

Just caught my first wave of the day,and they have size today! This one from Janis' blackberry

Gonna try and wait for lo tide. Check back tonight for the pics.Live2sail


Pål Rype said...

Actually we sail on the same Hurricanes ! these tropical storms trawel west across the north atlantic and hit Norway. Although they weaken on their way they can bring a lot of fun. The King Of the Fjord post on my blog were Bill !

Ken K said...

Looks like you may have some nice photos but I am having no luck viewing anything other than a blurry thumbnail. Could you post 'em in the old style?

Cool that Norway is watching and sharing the same weather systems we ride!

George Markopoulos said...

Problem is we had the nikon setting the photos to NEG format,not jpeg. And blogger doesn't recognize NEG. I'm very upset about that. I think photoshop can convert, but I don't have that software, yet. I'll be sure to have the nikon on jpeg for tomorrow and monday. Shoulfd be fun! Saddle up