Saturday, September 26, 2009

Hatteras Wavejam Day 1

With the blowing of the Conch Shell, the Jammer Sesh was kicked off!

We sailed at Lifeguard Beach-most of us where lit on 5.0s. By the end of the day, the swell began to jack up, although the wind was a bit too onshore for down the line riding. Mostly bump and jump conditions, with the occasional nugget to smack.

Bill Bell

Andy Mckinney

Bob Ramsey

Keith McCulloch

Ken Kellar

Uhm, yeah

Jesse Waters

Jesse is from Long Island, one of the Puffin contingent

Blog author

Alain Ciclet

Stuart Proctor

Stuart again

and again

Ralph Moore

Its been blowing strong all night, should be huge today. We're looking at dawn patrol southside down near Izzies.

Magical Hatteras

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Waterturtle said...

Great pics Janice! By the way, "Alan White" is actually Alain Ciclet. We're sitting here howling at the pictures of Alain and it says "Alan White". Alain forgives you since he has a funny accent. We wish Alan was here too....hey Alan, get your butt down here!