Sunday, September 27, 2009

Beast Of The East Wave Face Off

I'm blessed to have won second place in the Amateur division of the second annual Beast of The East Wave Face Off.

and Ken Kellar took first place. Congrats Ken!

Keith McCulloch won first place in the Pro/Expert division.

Here is the complete breakdown of the contest:
Pro/Expert Division
1st place Keith McCulloch
2nd place Andy McKinney
3rd place Ian Stokes

Amateur Division
1st place Ken Kellar
2nd place George Markopoulos
3rd place Donald Obst

I also scored the top award for the most spectacular crash

and you know Janis caught the shot right-she doesn't miss much. It was violent

and I bruised my shoulder from landing on the boom (or mast). Click on the photo to see the full screen view. Yikes

There where alot of bloggers at the event today, so we took a "Blogger Summit" photo:

from left to right:
Mac Barnhardt aka Waterturtle
Bill Bell aka OBX Bill
Rob Cornwell aka Windy Waters
George Markopoulos aka Live2sail
Andy McKinney aka Lost in Hatteras
Drew Scalia aka Pursuit of Paradise
Ralph Moore (kneeling in front row aka Triad Windsurfing

We are working thru the photos, but will likely hold the primo shots in reserve for potential magazine publication. Check back for those!

More action on tap for Sunday. As soon as the rain moves off, we're expecting the wind to go southwest, and we'll hit Old Lifeguard.



Janis Markopoulos said...

I love the blogger summit photo! These are the movers and shakers!

George Markopoulos said...

Shake n Shine Hunay!

tormod said...

Congratulation with the second place, and for the top award for the most spectacular crash :-) Looks like a spectacular move on the picture!!

PeconicPuffin said...

Wow...I'm sorry I missed it, but cest la vie. Congratulations!

Ken K said...

Hey George,
Could you or Janis send me some proofs of photos with me in it and any other photos you think I may like? I'd be glad to pay for a print or two to remember/ celebrate the event.

Ken K

I've only seen one uglier windsurfing crash than your award one and that was you too! Remember your really high loop attempt the day we sailed downwind of the dead whale?