Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Cape Henlopen-The Point

Note: I know many of you are anxiously awaiting more action shots from The Beast of The East Wave Face Off. Please be patient, the print magazines have first dibs. But keep checking back, I’ll begin putting them up in a few days.

The point at Cape Henlopen on the Delaware Bay is a venue I’ve been eyeing for some time. It affords ocean access on the east facing side, and bump n jump access to the Delaware bay access on the west facing side. I consider this a viable venue for just about any wind direction. I’m especially looking forward to trying this spot on an east wind. We don’t have all that many spots that work on an east, and my hope is to blast right off the top of the point out thru the channel. There is a significant current that runs out to sea on the north end of the point, so be sure you’re well powered when venturing out.

This day the wind was WSW, so Janis and I drove out onto the beach (the access ramp takes you onto the east facing beach), and drove counter clockwise around and I sailed to the western side. (basically the X with a circle around it).

Note, The Point will absolutely rock off of the east facing beach during a Nor ’Easter. There is a prominent brake wall to the north off the point that significantly knocks down the shore-break. You can basically step on your board, and casually blast out into the larger ocean swell on the outside. Looking forward!

Final caveat: to drive and remain on the beach at The Point, you must actively been engaged in fishing, so be sure you have figured out how to manage that before
Coming out onto the beach with your truck.

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Waterturtle said...

George & Janis, We really enjoyed meeting you both...and had a blast with you on & off the water. George, you were really going for it out there. Janis, you're an awesome photographer...can't wait to see the rest of the pics.

We've been hangin' out and sailing with Ken....wish u guys were still here.

Lets do it again!