Thursday, September 10, 2009

Juiced 5.0 Conditions At Sandy Point, Md.

Finally got me some of this Noreaster today. Juiced 5.0 conditions at Sandy Point Maryland.

Ahhh its been a while since I sailed this combo!

It was super windy

Niko met me and we enjoyed the chaotic chop to the right of the light house. Then we blasted north of the main beach about a mile and found much better organized rolling swell. We intended to sail up to his friend Jim's house, but the closer we got to the river he lives off of, the wind seemed to get lighter, so we never made it all the way, deciding to blast back off on a beam reach back to the light house. Fun stuff

Niko's new fin ordered direct from Maui.

Laszlo (forgive the poor quality, I used my blackberry). Great to see you again today.

Laszlo and I wrapped up the evening with some long distance blasting out thru the shipping lanes. The wind blew straight thru to sunset, strong and steady

Several other sailors where present today. Nice to meat and sail with Roger Fitzgerald today.
Details on another kitemare. Sorry to hear the Fred Hylla suffered a fractured collar bone due to a kiting accident. Details of the incident where typical of the sort we often hear. He was dragged over some rocks and suffered injuries that hopefully will only keep him off the water for 3 months. Sheesh.

Get well soon Fred.

Looking ahead to the weekend, the tides are lining up nicely for some wavesailing sunday morning. If you're interested, give me a shout and I'll get you hooked up.

cya in the straps.


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