Saturday, September 5, 2009

Assateague Close Outs

All photography by Janis Markopoulos

Shot of the day: Ken Kellar on a meaty one!

Saturday, Assateague was tons of fun. And like the Rolling Stones Song Wild Horses, the wild ponies of Assateague Island couldn't keep me away!

They where dumping pretty hard on the outer bar.

In contemplation of the power of the ocean, and giving the glory to God for this day

Time to hit it my boy!

It wasn’t one of the best days I’ve had here, but was still fun. The waves weren’t really lining up well with the beach vis-à-vis the wind direction, so there weren’t all that many wave rides. But occasionally it all lined up and you could make a few turns.

I like this one, leaning forward to look around the mast. Yup, another close out.

Here is Ken on a nice one. I’m digging his bottom turn. Centered over the board and leaning the sail forward. Nice work Ken!

I’ve been working a new technique that I find very helpful in extremely light wind. With your front hand, hold the mast below the boom. This helps me keep the nose weighted and often keeps me from sinking the tail when popping over white water. It was working for me today, for the most part ;)

I up-hauled so many times that my shins where raw after. I may have to wear a wetsuit tomorrow if water-starting isn’t possible.

You wont see this very often

The gallery today was of the equine sort. I love the symmetry of these two shots

I’m counting a big year from the Dallas Cowboys!

Ken on a meaty wave.

And where did that on come from. As the title to the post indicates, a lot of the waves where closing out today. Even though this one took Ken down, there where absolutely zero dues to be paid. Well, except for the scraped up shins, and tge baseball size hole in Ken's 5.8, and the small hole in mine! But its all good!

One of the last waves I had this day.

More ocean action on tap for tomorrow so stay tuned for the full report, or better yet, email me and I'll hook you up. Wavesailing is so much fun, and if you can uphaul or better yet waterstart, you're ready to take the next step.

Cya in the straps.


Howard said...

Nice to see the Ezzy and RRD combination on your side of the pond. Its been cranking here too, although I am not sure if you got a better wave than us. Please feel free to drop by -

drysuit2 said...

Nice press George. Great shots by your wife.