Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Presidential Motorcade

Well President O’Bama was in College Park today trump his plan for universal medical care.

They cleared all this traffic in 2 minutes. They made people turn onto side streets.

We snapped a few photos of the presidential motorcade.

Politics aside, it was very inspiring to watch.

Bet they have some cool toys inside that van.


Janis Markopoulos said...

Very, very exciting to get to see the Presidential motorcade twice in one day! Some people never get to see this in their entire life. I feel lucky to have been able to experience this. Quite an impressive about of security and logistics to clear Rt.1. I wish they could clear it when I'm trying to cross each night to leave work. :) Why didn't the President stop by Jordan Kitt's Music to stimulate the economy by purchasing a piano for his daughters? :(

Waterturtle said...

Where are the pics of George getting frisked by Secret Service? :-)

George Markopoulos said...

Well, my wife was there to get these shots, not me.

Probably a good thing as I would probably have put my foot in mouth ;)

Anonymous said...

This person do a good enough job George?

Anonymous said...
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