Monday, February 22, 2010

Labral Tear Shoulder Surgery (SLAP Tear)

On Thursday I had arthroscopic shoulder. The injury happened on the january 2nd Lewes Sesh.

I had a complete tear of the libram tissue, and a partial tear of the rotator cuff. He left the rotator alone, and only choose to fix the Librum. He said the rotator wasn't significant enought to warrent a repair, and that it should mend on its own. The librum was another story. Here is a series of before shots showing the extent of the tear. Check out the two upper left shots, Now i can see why i was in so much pain:

Here are some frames where he is actually sewing up the muscle. He ran our of surgical thread and had to use some downhaul line i always keep in my back pocket. hehehehehe

And here is the final sequence of shots showing the muscle completely sewn back up:

Its been a painfull few days since the surgery. I didn't sleep at all the first night, but each subsequent night has gotten better and better. I'm supposed to stay off the water for 2-3 months, and thats a tough pill to swallow. However its been made a little bit easier by the fact that my new gear will be arriving some time in late march, so I have a lot to look forward too.

But theres no cheatin on this one, this was a major repair. Here is a video link to Labrum repair. and i'm officially in dry-dock until at least late march. Time to work on my cardio capacity.


Fish said...

Hang in there mate and be sure to let it heal up right!... and of course, physio out the yin yang!

I did a full snap of the achilles about 5yrs ago. It really sucked, but nearly 10 months off and lots of physio later, I've never had any problems. It's worth forgetting about sailing for what amounts to a minor inconvenience, but long term gain.

Waterturtle said...

Ouch. Do the rehab they give you and keep at it. You'll be stronger before you know it. Just think, May will come around and you'll think back and ask what the fuss was all about.