Monday, November 22, 2010

Standup Paddle The Broadkill River

Sunday I took my RRD  Cruiser Classic and paddled the Broadkill River. I launched at Milton and came in at Steamboat landing.

I launched around 2 pm, and pulled into Steamboat Landing around 4. Lo tide was around 2.30ish
This section of the river was sheltered from the wind, water is nice and glassy....perfect for standup paddle boarding-one long pull with my carbon paddle and it was glide city
plenty of hunting blinds along the river 
passed a few villages along the way 
Wide open spaces 
You can clearly see the high water mark 
Destination Delmarva 
Crossing under Route 1 
Sun getting low in the sky behind me 
Almost there now 
Get out here and enjoy our beautiful state 
There is my ride, right on time

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