Sunday, November 7, 2010

Secret Spot, Again

There was more west in the wind than I expecting, so I stayed local on Sunday and sailed at my Secret Spot in Lewes, Delaware.

Andy and Gulliume also came out and sailed with me today. So much more fun sailing with friends!
I had a hard time getting dialed today, and found the wind to be a little holey, but still fun!
Andy Pierce looking solid!

G has got these inbound aerials dialed!
He was working on his jump gybes
Pack it up Jack it up
Check out the more photos at the Delmarva Board Sport Adventures Photo Gallery.

 A few shots we snapped on the way home. Windmill at the University of Delaware
So we're driving along, and Janis yells stop! She rolls down the window, and snagged these stunning shots.
 Delaware has sunsets like this almost every day
Gale warnings are up thru tomorrow night.
Secret Spot again tomorrow. I'll be there around 1pm.


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