Saturday, November 27, 2010

Solid WNW At Secret

Another day of just awesome sailing here in Delaware. Sailed solo at the secret spot again. Lit 5.3 conditions: half the session on the 90 ltr wave cult, and the other half on the 76 way thruster.

WNW is pretty much dead side shore at the secret spot, if you time it right with the tide the jumps are just amazing. The only downside is that when there is any west in it, it can be very holy on the inside. It's not that really much of a big deal however, cuz it's not that far off the beach before the wind fills in, and you're blasting, headed for the breakers and that first aerial
Show time 
Steve, great to meet you again today and stay in touch.
Another magnificent Delaware sunset


PeconicPuffin said...

I ask you as I ask everyone: Do we need secret windsurfing spots? I think our goal as windsurfers should be to get as many people to the best spots as possible. There are very few spots in the U.S. that are overrun with windsurfers..

That being said, congrats on what so unds like a fine sesh!

George Markopoulos said...

you're right. However the spot is not as clandestine as it once was, yet it continues to retain the moniker of the secret spot mostly as a tribute to the spot and it's reputation. But you're right on point Michael, and I completely concur. I'm going to go on record on this issue on a future blog and/or NEWJ piece