Thursday, November 18, 2010

Point Lookout, Maryland

Went over and sailed with the St Mary's College crew down at Point Lookout

The spot reminded us Kanaha, least the park and beach
The spot is actualy a great place to sail. The conditions today however weren't all that good. Here is a shot of Sam Eckert getting his groove on
The coast went off and I probably should have sailed the Secret Spot, but we had other business to attend to, so its all good. It was a beautiful day to drive down there

 The entire crew


Time to pack it up and head back to the College, which is about minutes from Point Lookout
The place actually has a very interesting history, and this spot is supposed to be the most haunted place in the country. I believe this used to be a Civil War prison camp, and ghosts of prisoners are very active here. I guess you wouldn't want to break down and get stuck out there are dusk.....

 Back at the campus for an after-class sesh. Beautiful shot of Colin Goad blasting


James Douglass said...

That's cool. The St. Mary's College Club is a really good example for growing windsurfing.

Matt Baden said...

awesome pics, did you happen to take any of me on my Hobie Cat sailing at the same time as Colin?