Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I'm Thankful

Yeah I scored my Holiday sesh today. Sailed alone at the Secret Spot. Lit 5.3 on the 90 ltr Wave Cult.
This spot is so much fun on a NNW. Full power side on conditions, a veritable Jump-a-palooza. Today I kept it reasonably conservative, and just blasted back-n-forth over the rolling swell. I actually sailed out thru the Cape May Ferry shipping channel, all the way to the lee of the break wall. Such a nice contrast. On any given reach, you'll be boosting aerials off the inside sand bar just off the beach, then negotiate the psycho shop on the outside resulting from being out there on the wrong tide, but upon approach of the channel, the swell develops allot more wavey characteristics. Very steep, with big, clean, predictable faces. Ahhhhhh that is sooo much fun to play in. The only risks being that it is quite a ways out there, perhaps 3 miles, However given the side on conditions, you'll eventually get blown back to the beach, just not the same one you launched from.  Once you blast thru the channel, you come to the leeward side of the break wall, and thats a flat as the baby pool, and its gybe city. Full Gs',, lots of the spray, flip the sail, adjust your eyes cuz you're now sailing into the sun  which is low in the western sky, set the fin and blast back to the beach..
The view looking west 
Time to pack it up 
Happy Thanksgiving everyone.


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