Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Zushi Beach, Japan

A very good friend of mine sent me these pictures, from his hometown in Kanagawa, Japan.
Zushi Beach is a very famous windsurfing venue over there.

Great photo with Mt Fuji in the background..
...his daughter in the foreground-need to get her a windsurfing lesson!
look closely
lots of sailors on a light wind day
Yeah, Janis and I need to take a trip over there.....


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Victor Velasco said...

I used to live in the next town to the South of Zushi - Hayama.

When the West winds come in (I think they are called o-ni-shi), Zushi gets wild - guys throwing forwards about 10' from the beach.

There is a buffet restaurant where you can sit and eat all the curry, fried chicken and rice you want while watching the windsurfers go.

Beautiful place!