Monday, November 8, 2010

76 ltr RRD Wave Thruster LTD

Monday's venue was back at the Secret Spot. I was LIT on my 5.3 Super Style and 76 ltr Wave Thruster. Ken and Stan where also sailing.

Took me a couple of sessions to get the board dialed....but once I did, I had an absolute blast! The tri-fin setup makes this board was very responsive, and the LTD construction pays huge dividends.  As soon as you step onto the board and blast out of the starting gate right off of the beach, the Thruster sprints up onto a plane, and as you approach the sand bar, you're completely powered and ready to hit that first jump. Yeah, I knew I was gonna hit it hard, and I loved how the board flew thru the air on those high aerials!

Later in the day, the wind got a bit light and holey so I pulled out the Wave Cult 90, and just about sailed till sunset. Still not wearing booties or gloves, but I fear that's about to end...
 Great day of sailing. Time to pack it up

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