Saturday, October 10, 2009

Lewes Main Beach Fires!

Lit up off of the main beach today.

We sailed the main beach today so Janis could retreat to the truck if some nasty weather rolled thru. I gotta say that the sand bar was firing today. Some of the nicest rollers i've ever experienced here, and the jumps were working off both tacks.

It was great to meet and get to know Sam Postlethwait. He's from Wilmington and a part of the kite crew out here. I was stoked to see that hes starting to windsurf again!

jumpin my a$$ off today :)

Kind of a neat shot huh

Sam hasn't been winsdurfing all that long, and I think he still kites, but i'm certainly not gonna hold that against him.

He can throw some spray.

and was ripping out there today

What are you looking at?

almost hit that bird, i went right, he went right too

This is such a cool shot

The sand bar had some really fun swells rolling thru


taking turns jumpin!

for joy



Hands free

Checkin out Sam's new board.

some sizey rollers coming thru at times!

Delaware Bay beach

Quite a few sailors out today, several launching upwind of the main beach

so I sailed upwind with to check out who was sailing up there. I think James was sailing alone at the secret spot, and there where a couple others between us. Everyone was just having a blast

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Bob Ramsey and his family, whose mom passed away last week.

Ken-click on this picture to get a look at the swell rolling over the sand bar. Was so much fun to play on!

I have a hall pass to go down to Hatteras next weekend. I think its gonna rock!



Ken K said...

I missed a nice Fri/Sat combo. Good thing you talked me out to the beach Wednesday. It hurts to miss such nice days.

PS your donate blurb has a typo and says "Delarva" as in "of the grub"

Andy said...

Next weekend might HOWL... Might wanna get here early in case the road washes out... said...

Had a lot of fun yesterday. It was nice meeting you and your wife Janis. The pictures are great!!!! See you on the water soon!!!