Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Coquina Beach

So on the last day of our recent Hatteras trip, we had to leave an excellent forecast. After reading Andy's blog, its seemed as if it was pretty epic.

So any way, as we crossed over Oregon Inlet, it was obvious to us that the wind was crankin, and the waves where certainly pumping. So we decided to give Coquina a shot.

This pic from the day before at The Point

The truck was packed, washed, and ready for the trip back to Delaware, yet there we were driving onto the beach, and dumping all the efficiently packed gear onto the beach, just so I could get to my 5.6, which was all the way at the bottom.

A lightening rig effort, attach the board, and I launched into the sideoff conditions. No sooner than I had to negotiate the first few walls of white water, and my boom broke. This was already my backup boom as I’d broken my favorite on Saturday during the warm ups to the Beast Of The East Comps. Twasn't to be for me this day

Oh well, gotta pay some dues sometime.

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Bill said...

Nice George, too bad I did not make it down there to join you that day. Here, it was water in my fuel tank which kept me grounded on Monday. The 4runner is fueled up now though, running great and looking forward to the next few days in Hatteras! Hope this upcoming forecast pans out?!