Monday, October 19, 2009

Noreaster Day Three-Bump n Jump Disneyland

Well, I don't know if its unprecedented, but two storms in a three day span, and gale warnings posted for 60 straight hours is something that doesn't come around too often.

I sailed Broadkill beach again. It was bump n jump disney land out there! It was blowing a steady 30-35 all day long. Hardly ever seen it blow so consistently steady this side of Maui.

I was in Heavan out there, huge floaty jumps, gybes of swell, and ripping action. Several mile off shore, there is a section at Broadkill has breaking waves, and there is lots of white water out there, alot like the inside lounge of an ocean sandbar, foamy and smooth off of the breaking waves, which line up perfectly to the side on wind.

Ken came out to sail with me, struggled with his kit on his first run, came in frustrated, and questioned my choice of venue. Had you had the patience to dial you gear, I contend you would have loved it out there Ken, gotten a lot more sailing in, and had a much better day. Broadkill was definately the spot to be today.

Right about that time, ratboy Coyle came out of the closet, showing up looking like a a charactor from Ice Station Zebra with full artic parka (it was 50 degrees for christ sake). Ken bailed on me, opting to road surf and head south. They wound up sailing 30+ knots in dead onshore malestrom at the secret spot. I'm sure it was backside fun, and its all good. But me, I stayed at Broadkill where it was side on, and sailed alone lit up on my 4.5 from 12.30 to 5.30. Had the place all to myself, and would give the day an epic rating, but for the fact that there was no one else out there to sail with.

Janis couldn't come out today, so no action photos. This one from Saturday's action:

My mom came out to watch (thxs for taking the pic Ken)

lit 4.5 again

Delaware Bay. Don't let the looks deceive you, the outside is quite fun!

Phew, what a weekend. I think the Delmarva was the dead smack in the sweetspot, and I'm blessed to have been here to experience the entire event. Time to attend to the gear and the truck. 35 knots has a way of trashing your ride.


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ralph said...

i would love to have been in those conditions with you man. with you on a 4.5 i would have been hanging on to the 3.7 i'm sure.