Saturday, October 17, 2009

Noreaster Day One

My original plan was to sail Indian River inlet with Stan. However, the project to retrofit my boom delayed my morning. man lemme tell you that was a project.

I finally arrived at the inlet around 11.30 to see Stan coming back in after his first session

Few surfers out

The beauty of Indian River southside is the jetty that knocks down the current and shorebreak.

Great spot that I'll definately adding to my venue list.

However, today the wind was too onshore for any serious wavesailing, so i didn;t see any real benifit to sailing here today. Checking the wind readings, Lewes was blowing 25, so I made the tactical decision to change venues.

Dark and stormy at the Lewes main Beach

powered 5.0 conditions

my retrofited boom with the new head. Thanks Bob! (full post coming later this week on the retrofit process. it was a bi%ch)

but on the outside there was this psycho chop which I've never experienced there. so we stayed moslty on inside.

Not the funnest day I've had here, but any day of sailing............

The Zambomi is going thru a metamorpahsis. He's more frequently rigging smaller, and get slashier with his style. May have to come up with a new moniker for him.

Andy Pierce

Andy has been off the water almost an entire month, but today he picked back up and sailed very well. Way to get on it Andy!

Janis has a friend over and they're scrapbooking this weekend, so I've been kicked out. I'm staying with the Zamboni. Thanks Pal!

Big wind on tap for today, and tomorrow, and the day after that...... Andy come on back tomorrow. Ken, Bob says you're welcome to stay here with us if you can come out tonight

OK, its Saturday morning now, and its been blowing 30 out of the was all night. Bob and I are gonna check out Indian river around 11.30, then proabaly wind up at Lewes again.
cya in the straps

ps: Bob has a bunk room in Hatteras (Rodanthe) that he has already paid for, but now is unable to go. If anyone is interested, $200 gets you a bed in Hatteras for the entire week. Call Bob @ 410-279-3935

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