Saturday, October 17, 2009

Noreaster Day Two-Epic Broadkill Beach

Balls to the wall lit up 4.5 today

The spot to be today was Broadkill beach. As oppposed to the voodoo chop yesterday, the swell at Broadkill was groomed, and the period between each was such that you could be completly lit and just honking and hit those ramps at full speed.

It was without a doubt the best session i've ever had here.


I hereby declare that on a NNE, if the ocean isn't working, the venue is Broadkill beach. No where else even comes close to the epic ramps we experienced today.

Bob Ramsay stepped up today and charged those breakers on the outside. He's really come along, and is chompin at the bit to raise his level of sailing.

I'm telling you, Broadkill was firing! On the outside, this spot actually has breaking surf. Big rolling swell, just reach back, sheet in, bank that 77 ltr of that jacking swell and carve it around and back down the face, flip the sail and sheet in! Epic stuff. My home patch just miles from my house. Stoked!

Sure light wind wavesailing kicks all kinds of ass, but balls to the wall bump n jump conditions is pretty fun too :)

Andy, get your butt back down here. I think Ken is comin out, and tomorrow is gonna be even more intense than today!

Happy to see John Waters again today, and he sailed a new spot

Janis has a scrapbook weekend in full flight right now. Her friend Linda is spending the weekend in Delaware, and the cropping, embellishing, and matting is off the charts! But that didn't keep my most awesome wife from coming out to the beach to take these shots right! Lemme tell you true love is hard to find. I'm blessed.

I'll be spending the night again tonight in the Andy Pierce wing of he Zamboni cave. I'm being served up world class treatment here, and I'm very thankful.

Huge forecast tomorrow! What a weekend!!

Live2sail forever


Pål Rype said...

Rippin !

John Waters said...

Hella small craft advisory sesh. Cold, but great sailing.