Sunday, October 25, 2009

Now, Is A Great Time To Be A Windsurfer

Packin a punch!

Saturday we scored a really fun day at Assateague Saturday. Kiters and windsurfers both shared the waves. Windsurfers out with me were Ken Kellar, Bob Ramsay, Sam Postlethwait. Kiting was Steve Sabia, Sam Postlethwait. and a couple others I’m not familier with. Everyone was respectful out there, and there a great vibe and lots of positive stoke. Cheers to more of that!

The day began with us hooking up with my friend Sam. I met him in the main parking lot.

We walked up to check out the conditions, and were pretty excited to see a nice bump out there, even at hi tide. We knew it was going to get pretty good as the tide went out and wind filled it. You simply cannot pass final judgement on the conditions, labling it disappointing, when you’re several hours away from prime time. Patience, optimism, and a positive attitude is a must to wave sail Assateague. If you don’t posses these, you may as well just stay at home.

From left to right: Bob Ramsay, Ken Kellar, Myself, Sam Postlethwait

The waves today where simply fun! They had some size, and at lo tide, packed a nice punch. Perhaps head high, maybe a little bigger on some sets, and consistently spaced, and easy to catch. They were mostly one hit wonders, with a few two turn waves. But where surprisingly groomed, with a nice big face that gave you something to work with. So much fun. And it was so warm today, temps mid 70s. I love Assateague.

Sam loaded his stuff into my truck as I gave him a lift out onto the beach. He brought his 5.8, his super sweet pro edition JP 84 liter (So freaking lite!), and his 10 meter kite. There, I said it. I had a kite in the my truck (better than thru a windshield right?). I even helped him launch his kite, not bad for a card carrying member of RFKA, Recovering From Kitemares Anonymous huh! ;) I had no problem launching the kite, but thankfully Bob was there to help land him. I’m still frankly terrified of those things on the beach, but I’m coming around. You’ll never see me on anything but a sailboard, I can promise you that, but life is too short, and I’m tired of sailing Assateague alone.

Ken on a nice one

Sam again

getting over some big white water. lift up on the booms and get that nose up

nice jump Ken

For me, the there were several moments that stood out. I was water starting in the impact zone, got up just in time, I look upwind, and see Sam drops into a nice head high wall, the same one that I waterstarted just in front of. The wave was oh so groomed, and he lays into a bottom turn. Was a beautiful view up the line. Whoot! The other time was where I think it was Steve Sabia kiting on the wave behind me, well I lay into my wave ride, go down the line, come up off the top turn, I look out behind my wave and I see Steve riding the wave right behind me. Man oh man, we both were hooting and hollerin! The other moment was me getting smacked by a close out on my top turn, Steve was headin out, as I came up for air with a big smile, Steve was screamin yeah--yeah!!, oh man so much fun!
Get it onnnnnnn!

Sam in fron of a close out

waves had some size

just snuck over the shoulder of that one!

So much power in those kitess, makes it easy I think to throw some serious spray!

Sam getting over it

Ken in front of the froth

there is no worse way to fall on a bottom turn than into your sail, but i came away unscathed

Bob Ramsay bought his ORV pass today and is officially a member of the Assateague crew now. He struggled with some serious shorebreak today. Bob, there is no shame in trying. You frankly have to pay these dues.

I’ve surely paid mine, and shoot, I still do. Sure you could have probably scored a 4.0 day at Pewey with the rest of the crew up there, but I think you’ve seen the light, and baffing at the baby pool just doesn’t do it for you any more right? Keep your chin up and keep at it pal.


Well Sam is a very accomplished kiter who is making the transition back to windsurfing. I’m very impressed with him, and he does both sports very well.

I got tumbled once, and lost my beanie hat. It was off for at least a minute, and I was resinged to the fact that it was gone forever. Then I find it like right next to me. I was shocked. Hahahaha. Getting tumbled is fun, and if you can't find enjoyment in being down in the water with waves bearing down, well, you need to be. Its a prerequisite imo. Relax, keep the heart rate low, and take your time, enjoy the beauty of the ocean and the waves that are rolling under you. You'll get your stuff lined up quicker that way, and be much more relaxed both before and after the sesh. No worries, and its all good.

Surveying the lineup



After days like this, I have difficulty sleeping. I usualy wake up at 3.11 am. yes, 3.11 am (at least last night it was 3.11) lol, and I can't get back to sleep. Then I'm giddy for the next 24 hours, acting like a kid. dancing around the house, doing the electric slide and generally acting like a fool. Its all good, and I CAN'T WAIT to get back in even bigger waves.

I don't think you'll see this anywhere but Assateague.

Fall colors are honkin

We were very bummed that the Nikon zoom lens died today. The auto focus wasn’t dialing in, and the manual focus wasn’t working either, Don’t ask me why, frustrated. All the shots on this post are using the 50m lens, so not what we’re used to here at live2sail. No worries, that zoom lens has lived a full life. Probably over 100,000 photos, three cover shots, pics in Windsurfing, and a soon to be released story and accompanying photos in the International Windsurfing magazine. Stay tuned later this week for our story on the magic of Cape Hatteras.

Bill scored down at Coquina, so check out his report here.

Ok, Lewes is crankin 25+. Time for a dawnpatrol. Where is my drysuit.

Perpetually stoked.



Ken K said...

Fun stuff yesterday. It was nice to have a couple more folks to sail with too. While we will all be mourning the loss of your strong camera lense, the distant shots are cool too. They give a better indication of the beach set up and conditions.

Ken K said...

Good wind at Assateague was nice for a change. The field of land mines turns into a play ground when you are planing off the beach. Even though it was side-on I had a breakthrough that day. A couple times I consciously tried to get straight back up to the lip out of my bottom turn on over-head waves. On my first I got nailed. On my second it was sweet. In the middle of my bottom turn I saw the wave collapse beside and behind me and I went up and hit this smooth face just next to the breaking section and cranked a tight turn off the top and shot straight back towards the beach and then rode the white water backside into the beach. Sweet! One photo you posted of me is that wave mid-bottom turn.

I also love being able to jump the inside white water and land level or nose first in that buttery foamy area and keep your speed up for the outside waves.