Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Epic Bump n Jump At Tower Road

Ken and I scored some epic 4.0 conditions at Tower today.
Ahhh. Wasn't the ocean, but it was still tons of fun. Here a few pics.

super windy

time to rig the 3.6

I sailed all day with my broken HPL boom. I need a new clamp. Low stress area, that i trust in the sound, but I'll be needing something more solid for the next big ocean session.

Anyone know where I can score one? I'd be completely stoked and grateful to get hooked up with a replacement.

ahhhh, still buzzing..... will be tough to sleep tonight for sure.


ralph said...

Man you guys are lucky. Certainly does look epic.

Janis said...

I should have went with you honey, but silly me, I was being loyal to my job and didn't want to switch my schedule, then today (the very next day) I get layed off! See what being loyal to your jobs gets you! Moral of the story: don't give up a great day of watching your husband windsurf for work!

ralph said...

Sorry to hear that Janis. I'm thinking with your great personality you'll find another really soon.