Sunday, August 10, 2008

Amazing-Three Venue Day!

Man I nailed the forecast today! Here's the bottom line, ocean session at Assateague around 3.30pm to 5pm. 5.6 on the 91 ltr to start, then pulled out the 109.

Was pretty much underpowered the whole time, so I couldn't really work into any kinda postion to ride a swell. But it was still a blast to be out in the ocean again. Big rolling swell on the outside.

It was a bit like work on the 91.
So I came in and switched to the 109:

It was more or less dead high tide.

The overhead carry method not really possible w/the helmet cam on.

This morning between 10-12.30 sailed well powered 7.0 w/the 109ltr. Continued success w/the heli tacks. I'm now beginning to use them for a tactical advantage and not just as trick.

Here some shots from the morning session:

Very violent storms rolled in fast so I threw down a lightening de-rig, with lightening in the distance:

Then we rolled north to Holtz Landing and lunch in Bethany. Here we're riding bikes at Hotlz.

So it was while we where at Holtz that the wind filled back in down in Assateague, so we headed south and scored again!
Shot some helmet cam action today.

Here is a video teaser:

Wild Ponys of Assateague:

I suspect Assateague is a great place for SUP

Headed to Hatteras next weekend!

Andy, I need two more sets of these straps for my JPs. See you Saturday

Red Sky at Night (from our back porch in Milford):


Andy said...

... sailors delight... wrong type of sailing though!! : ) Killer pics, nonetheless!

No problem on the straps, they're set aside already!

Bill said...

Very nice George!! You definitely scored much better up there than down here this past weekend! All we had was rain, thunder, and lake Atlantic. Nice to see some whitewater up there is some of those pics.

George Markopoulos said...

Yeah, considering we are the dead of the summer, I've scored with amazing frequency. Since mid-July, I've gotten out at least 10 days. After the slow start the first half of July, its been a great summer! Can't complain.