Saturday, August 9, 2008

Callus Maintenance

Thats what I call three hours of putting around w/o a harness in the baby pool.

Great to be out on the water again today. Last thing I want happening is letting my hands get soft going into prime season. Any day of sailing, even without a harness.......

My heli-tacks are just getting better an better. Its getting to the point where I'm more surprised wehn I miss one then when I stay dry. Was better than 70% today!

Chatted w/Dave Gale and Bob Ramsey.

Bob just came back from Cabarete. He scored fairly well there, and he's promised to forward some of the photos to post here, so check back for those.

Talk about a toy box (check the license plate), that RV is full of toys.

My floaty board-109 ltr RRD freestyle wave. Rotated into my first forwards on this board:

Delaware State Parks:

As a side note, last night was my Uncle John's 60th surprise birthday. He was the very instrumental in developing my deep passion for all things ocean related. I made a brief speach telling every one there how hes had an influence on my life.

Looking forward to tomorrows forecast. There a chance for some powered up sailing down in Assatague.

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