Friday, June 13, 2008

Co-habitaten at keybox

James Roe and I shared the water with about a dozen kiters. Thermals seem to be filing in during the later afternoon, so i cruised down to Keybox and rigged my 5.8
and 109 ltr rrd. 50/50 planing schlogging mix. Still was awesome to get out on the ocean in just boardshorts and a rash guard.

Hi tide was around 5pm, so when I arrived around 3pm, the waves where pretty much breaking right on the beach. That being said, from the look of the swell hitting the beach, I think the waves must of been pretty nice earlier in the day.

Perfect conditions for Kiting really as they could rip up the waves crashing right on the beach, not so good for windsurfing.

Here is Mathew Ramsey. He kites and windsrufs..and does both very well

Gotta run now to do the final packin for Hatteras. Leavin at sunrise!

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